Visual arts


Elite Art Gallery, project of ELITE ART Club UNESCO Association, is the result of over 5 years of activity within the contemporary art field. The objectives of Elite Art Gallery are promotion of art and values specific to Romanian culture, supporting of young artists, as well as making efforts to recover modern art and patrimony. It targets the business and cultural environments, in the same time and it’s oriented towards values of excellence and professionalism.

Located only a few steps from the Architecture University, Elite Art Gallery is the place where art lovers will always find something for their soul.

More than 200 artists have collaborated with us over time. Among them can be found some important names such as: Marcel Lupşe, George Mircea Horia Cucerzan, Marilena Murariu Midvichi Lawrence, Cornelia Dededu group Constantin Flondor Prolog, Pastina Horia Mihai Sarbulescu, Ion Grigorescu. Our portfolio includes many visual art projects, cultural tours, workshops and sponsored programs: Members of Romanian Painting, Art Elite Scholarship, 10 for the Tenth Decade, Souvenirs of Bucharest and Sibiu, Sarmisegetuza.

The gallery has an impressive collection of Balcic landscapes resulting from the series of painting workshops "Today`s Painters at Balcic". The entire collection is for sale and the funds will be used to support the next painting workshop.

"Today’s painters at Balcic" is our major project, already a well-known curatorial concept, considered one of Romanian most important contemporary art projects and is supported by only private funds. At its 13th edition in 2013, the project aims to rediscover the nuances that made from Balcic a legendary theme in Romanian art history and to bring this topic into the contemporary artistic creation.