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IDENTITY: PROMS of Delight is an exquisite, classy concert happening organised according to the highest BBC PROMS Music Festival standards and to the latest tendencies in the European showbiz. Twice yearly it gathers gifted musicians representing famous Romanian cultural institutions, such as the "George Enescu" Philharmonic Orchestra, the Radio Big-Band and the Bucharest Opera Orchestra.

VISION: Basic concept of this project is music brings people together, music arouses in us the wish to cherish special moments with the ones we love. Thus, PROMS of Delight conveys to the audience a sense of community in special moments, such as on Easter and Christmas.

MISSION: Upholding the corporate social resposability principles, PROMS of Delight aims at making music in general and classical music in particular accessible to people of different cultural backgrounds.

OBJECTIVE: Our goal is to promote young Romanian musicians along with already acknowledged ones and to help the first integrate in the new European musical trends. Thereby we aim at making Romanians know and appreciate their ongoing artistic values.

PROMS of Delight has confirmed the Bucharest Symphonic Pops as its emblem. This unique Romanian orchestra is composed of musicians from the "George Enescu" Philharmonic Orchestra, the National Orchestra and the Radio Big-Band. It includes in its repertoire ouvertures, waltzes, opera arias, soundtracks, choral music, symphonic jazz, cross-over ...

On the PROMS of Delight's stage, classical music meets pop, young rising stars meet renowned musicians from Romania and abroad.