Jeunesses Musicales Bucharest Conducting Competition

“Future means culture” is not a simple motto, but a belief of all those willing to gain mental and spiritual values. Romania has good perspectives regarding young generation which society should guide to performance, offering necessary resources, but also opportunities to improve talent and support in reaching highest potential

Ambition and perseverance define the artists who want the acknowledgement of their abilities, but this is possible only by competition. The competitive spirit is constructive and the results of such an experience represents an evaluation of the performance level.

ELITE ART Club UNESCO desires to conserve the tradition and the position of Romania on the world cultural map and in order to raise the value of products for public, it started a Conducting Competition. Jeunesses Musicales Bucharest Conducting Competition gives the opportunity to Romanian musicians, with a certain emphasis related to those specialized in classical music, to increase their involvement in european creation industry.

ELITE ART Club UNESCO offers to young conducters the chance to prove their personal skills to an international level, in order to impose an advance in classical music. This program constitutes an implementation in Romania , done by ELITE ART Club Unesco (as an unique representant of Jeunesses Musicales International in Romania) for a classical music contest , intitiated by Jeunesses Musicales International, one of the most popular and appreciated classical music for the young generation all over the world.

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